Don't become a 'yes-man'

There are people, things, situations, places, and times even, that can really drain your energy. Although you might not spot them straight away, if you pay more attention to the way that you are feeling, you will soon see it for yourself.

When you can identify the scenarios where you start to feel down, lack energy, and maybe even have negative thoughts, you can begin to put in steps to start saying 'NO' to these. This will result in you protecting your mindset, and will also enable you to raise your vibration as you are committing to not being impacted by these any longer.

Some people struggle with putting barriers in place and become what I often refer to as a 'yes man', or a people pleaser. They worry too much about what other people will think of them. This is something that can very quickly spiral out of control and you can find yourself doing things that are not aligned with you and your goals, purely out of a fear of other people's judgment.

If you feel like you are coasting along, maybe doing things because it is what other people expect of you, I challenge you to take some time out and reflect on your situation. To determine if you are happy with the path that you are taking, or whether or not you need to stop being a people pleaser and instead, become a 'me pleaser', whereby you focus on what it is that YOU want and how YOU are going to get there by putting necessary barriers in place with others.