Why you should focus on your personal journey, not on what others are doing

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Your journey in business and life is just that, yours!

We develop skills, experience, and knowledge throughout our life and our life choices. We have our own individual way of perceiving things, and our own likes and dislikes. This makes us all unique, and no two people are ever the same.

Despite this, we all too often compare ourselves to others, it’s just become part of human nature. When we do this though there is the potential that we are comparing our day 1 to the other person’s day 1000.

What impact does this have on me?

Well first of all it can make you feel like you’re not doing enough. It can make you feel as though you’re well behind where you need to be. It may also make you feel like others are out there making amazing progress but that you’re so far away from achieving that yourself.

These feelings can lead to you feeling demotivated and upset, as well as having a negative impact on your mindset. It could also lead to you developing a whole business, including all of your services, products, and processes and everything else which is not aligned to your actual requirements This would therefore result in a disconnect and confusion for all involved.

Is it just me though?

No, absolutely not. There are lots of people that compare themselves and their journey to others, it’s, unfortunately, become a habit for some too.

You can prevent this from occurring in the future if you make a conscious effort to do so. This will take time and persistence but you can absolutely get to a place where you don’t default to comparing yourself and your journey to others. To be in a place where you are happy and comfortable with where you are at, and the steps that you need to take to support you on your journey.

Things to remember:

  1. This is your business and your unique journey. Others may be at a similar point to you on their business journey but they still have different life experiences from you. This therefore will be reflected in their business and vice versa for you. Comparison will only leave you confused, frustrated, and doubting yourself.

  2. You bring something different to the table. You are unique and as mentioned you will have had different life experiences from others. Even if you had a twin there will be differences in opinions, beliefs, and certain life experiences i.e. friendships, learning cycles, etc.

  3. You are here to share your message with your clients and customers. Your message, your service, your product, and your business are unique to you. You need to get clear on what your message is and be truly and authentically you in every engagement.

Now get out there and show them who’s the boss of your life and your business!


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