How to overcome your fears

Can you imagine if we truly believed that we could do absolutely anything that we wanted to do in life and not let our fears hold us back?

Well, that’s not too far out of reach. It’s all about overcoming your fears and having the right mindset to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.

Goal Setting and Fear

We all set goals as individuals and business owners; these largely fall into the buckets of: Health and Wellness

  • Financial

  • Personal

  • Business

These goals are amazing and we have huge plans and we are super excited to get moving on them. Yet over the coming days, weeks, sometimes months, and sometimes even years, we see these goals, these ideas, and these plans fade away.

We don’t make the progress that we wanted to, we feel stuck, and we feel as though we are not worthy of actually getting to where we want to be.

Why does this happen?

The reason behind this is largely due to our fears, some of which we’re not even aware of.

These fears may be in relation to a fear of:

  • Failing

  • Feeling like we’re not good enough

  • What other people think of us and what we are doing

  • Change

These fears may be rational or irrational depending on the situation, but even still those that are irrational will still feel so real to you at the time.

They hold us back as we’re too afraid of what might happen if everything doesn’t go to plan.

Fear is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Fear is your mind trapping you with limiting beliefs, trying to supposedly ‘protect’ you from harm.

This is a habit that has been passed on through generations and generations. Back when it was a case of fight or flight. Where life wasn’t as easy as we have it today.

As times have significantly changed over the years, it’s time to start trying to take some control back, to change how our minds process certain risks and behaviours. This isn’t by any means an easy task, but one that will help you so much going forward.

Understanding how to identify when something is happening because of our fears and how to overcome these fears is key to moving forward.

As Tony Robbins’ describes it in one of his podcast episodes, "FEAR to some can mean ‘f**k everything and run". This means literally not sticking around to see how challenges may pan out, nor looking at how a challenge can be turned into an opportunity.

Now, this is something that really resonated with me as I know personally that I have and still do experience fear, I’m only human after all. In these instances all I have wanted to do is stop whatever it is that I had planned, push it to the back of my mind, forget about it, and move on to the next thing. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

I’ve tried to be more aware of when something is happening because of my fears, but like everyone I still occasionally let fear take a hold of me and my actions.

Understanding fear

Knowing what type of fears you have that impact you personally, and understanding how to overcome these is like you have finally been given the key to open the doors that have been locked shut for so long.

It creates so much freedom and happiness in your life that you see significant shifts in how you approach life in all manner of areas.

I’ve identified things that are my fears, namely the fear of what other people think. This is something that I’ve dealt with for many years and was especially relevant in my previous relationships and jobs, but I have seen the light so to speak.

I’ve been able to do some inner work on myself so that I can appreciate the person that I am, what it is that I can offer and how I can support people using my skills, knowledge, and experience. I’ve found that starting to let go of these limiting beliefs has enabled me to start becoming a better version of me.

What fear holds you back and how can you take control in overcoming it?

Everything in life happens for a reason and you have a huge influence on that with your mindset and outlook on life. At the end of the day, you make your own reality (albeit some may disagree).

Take some time to think about what fears you have and how you approach them.

Think about whether or not this is the behaviour that you want in your life, or if you want to take some action and approach fear in a different way. I promise you, recognising what fear means to you and how you deal with such things will do you the world of good.


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