The importance of being truly authentic in business

Being the true and authentic version of yourself is the only way to really create a business that aligns with you and your needs.

Authenticity is the quality of being the true you. It’s about being real, being true, standing forth with confidence and conviction, and showing up every day as the person that you truly are.

Some people struggle with being authentic as they are led to believe that they have to put on an act or show up as the person that someone else wants them to be rather than just being themselves. To run a business that truly serves your ideal client, however, you have to be authentic in everything that you do.

If you’re putting something out there that is not truly aligned with you, the results you get will not be aligned either. This includes the clients that you get to work with. You may even find that you struggle to get any clients bought into your offering as you may be being inconsistent in your approaches to business, for example in your marketing strategies.

To be really successful not just as a business owner but as an individual, be the person that succeeds in originality. The one that everyone knows as being authentic because they can see how passionate and truthful you are being in everything that you do. ⁠

Be true and authentic in everything that you do

Here are 5 pieces of advice to help you with letting your true and authentic self shine through in everything that you do in business:

1. Share your values - As an individual and a business owner, you will have values. Things that are important to you; things like behaviours and standards that you set. ⁠ ⁠ Have you shared these with your clients, with your audience, and with those supporting your business? If not, why not?⁠ ⁠ If you haven’t yet actually defined the values for your business I would suggest that you take some time to do so as these underpin everything that you do.⁠ Once you have your values defined, share these with your audience. Show and tell them what is important to you as this will help them to resonate with you.⁠

2. Share your passions - Your passions are the things that really excite you. They could be business-led passions or individuals, but regardless of which, sharing these with your audience again allows them to really understand who you are.

The more you can let people into your life (with boundaries of course), the more they can understand whether or not you are someone that they would like to work with.

Don’t think that fun things cannot be included here. Your audience needs to see that you’re human and well, if you’re not having fun what kind of life are you living?

3. Remember that not everything has to be perfect - We can spend so much of our time trying to make everything perfect, but your audience wants to see you, they want to see you turning up, being present, sharing your advice and knowledge and letting them into your world. As mentioned already, they want to see that you’re human as people buy from people.

Everyone makes mistakes and not everything will be perfect so try and remove the dependency on making sure that everything is just right. Now I’m not saying make huge gaping mistakes on purpose, definitely not. What I am saying though is showing people that you are only human and that not everything has to be perfect, actually makes you more relatable.

You will also find that a benefit of this for you personally is that you have more time back, as we often spend so much time trying to get everything 100% ‘perfect’.

4. Lose the telephone voice - There are lots of people that put what I like to call their telephone voice on when showing up online and in face-to-face interactions. Yet, then you see or hear them elsewhere and the way that they are presenting themselves is completely different.

Now you may have an accent, a lisp, an annoying habit of saying ‘erm’ too often like me. You maybe even throwing in the occasional profanity every now and again, but the likelihood is that people won’t even realise or pay attention to it.

Obviously don’t be rude or share your videos of you slightly worse for wear shouting expletives on your business pages and clients, that wouldn’t be good for you or your business. What I would say though is just be the CEO version of you. The version of you that you want people to admire, to know, to like, and to trust.

5. Embrace the journey - You already know how to be the real you deep down. The version of you that you feel happy and content with, so make sure that you embrace your wonderful and unique journey with passion and positivity.

Changes are going to happen on your journey. These changes may be ones that you are in control of, others not so much but rather than getting frustrated, stressed, and potentially angry at certain unexpected changes, it’s much better to embrace the change and go with the flow.

Be open, honest, and show a bit of vulnerability, you don’t have to hide everything away. Trust and believe that if you are fearlessly authentic in everything that you do your ideal clients will show up in ways that you imagined.


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