Understand and reach your ideal customers with ease

Updated: 4 days ago

Knowing your customer at the beginning of your business journey is essential.

As you grow, scale and maybe even pivot your business, knowing your customer is just as important.

It’s a continuous cycle that…

  • Brings in new and recurring sales

  • Builds a loyal base of raving fans and referrals

  • Helps create rewarding relationships that are mutually beneficial

  • Supports you with packaging up your products and services in new and differing ways

  • Enables you to create a successful and trusted brand so that you can step out ahead of others in your market

Now, knowing your customer to another level is no easy quest, you’ve got to put the effort in to truly want to understand more about them so that you can reap the rewards and benefits.

“The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients.” — Matthew Odgers

Here are a few steps to start you off on your journey to truly understanding your ideal customer:

  1. UNDERSTAND their pain points — what’s keeping them awake at night?

  2. SEEK OUT their needs and desires — what do they need and desire in their life to resolve their problems or enhance their life. Note that not everyone will need or desire the same solution so it’s good to get insight from a range of target customers.

  3. DELIGHT THEM and open up new opportunities — this doesn’t have to mean you have a product or service to sell them yet, this could be as simple as listening to them and talking to them about their situation, needs and desires etc. Everyone like to feel listened to.

Creating a feeling of delight will enable you to discuss potential opportunities which can help carve out new products, services, ways of working etc.

These are just a few things and there are plenty more that you can do to uncover what’s really going to align with your customers and what is going to propel your business idea forward successfully.

Have fun with it and enjoy the process, it’ll make it much easier.

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