Unlock more success through authenticity

Updated: 4 days ago

It’s tempting to sit behind the laptop doing everything that you ‘think’ you should be doing for your business, but getting out there in front of your audience is in fact the most important element. It’s the one that is going to help you create the success that you so desire.

Perceptions rule the roost, right? WRONG!

Some people think that there is a perception that you have to be a certain type of person to run a business, that however is not the case. Anyone can run their own business with the right mindset, tools and knowledge.

This perception stems from magazines, publications, TV, film, celebrities and more. People see others who are out there and who are believed to be having massive success. They then go on to listen to their advice and tips and take them as gospel, and that they have to do exactly the same.

Now I’m not saying that the advice and tips that are shared are irrelevant as they actually might be, but it’s all about putting your own individual stamp on things. It’s about being a unique individual as people want to know the real you.

These perceptions and beliefs can lead to some people putting on a front and presenting themselves to others with a different persona. This can sometimes be a far reach from who they truly are and is in no way authentic.

Time to take off that mask

Putting on this act may actually work for a period of time, it may be months, maybe even years, but it won’t be sustainable for you or your business in the long run.

Showing up as someone other than your true self is going to drain you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

You will find that your clients start to see through the façade when they start to work with you, and I’m sure you already know that all of this is not good for you, nor your business.

If this is something that you struggle with, it is time for you to believe in yourself and let your true light shine.

It’s time for you to show up authentically as the amazing person that you are.

Your prospective clients want to know the real you and by being the real you, you will add more value than you ever thought was possible.

Here are some tips to help you step forward into your limelight:

  • Set yourself some small challenges – Things that aren’t massive risks but that will allow you to celebrate a step forward as a success. Once you are comfortable in doing this you can start to set bigger challenges, and achieve more and more and more.

  • Say ‘YES’ – Our default response to something that we are unsure of or are afraid of is to say ‘No’. Start by changing these to a ‘YES’ and see what opportunities present themselves. I can guarantee that once you’ve said yes a few times, you will be biting at the bit for more opportunities to step forward.

  • Mind map all of the things that you are good at – Reviewing the things that you’re good at, all of the skills, the experience, the knowledge and things that you have achieve helps to embed in your mind that YES you can do this. Work on creating opportunities for you to utilise these skills and achievements to benefit you and your ideal clients.. Doing this will help improve your confidence, self-belief and will no doubt open doors that you didn’t even know where there.

  • Share more about you with your clients. Let them into your world and let them see that just like them, you are human too. This really helps people to start to resonate with you and understand the type of person that you are, not just what you can offer. After all, people buy from people.

These are just a start, there are heaps more opportunities for you to start letting your light shine and achieving that success that you’ve always dreamed of.

Get out there, stand up tall and let your true self come forward.

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