Use change as an opportunity to grow

Some people view change as a negative when in fact, the only way to level up your thinking and become a better version of yourself, is through change.

People that see change in a negative light are those that like things as they always have been, who like to stay well within their comfort zone, and who are worried about what the change might bring.

I used to be one of those people.

Pre 2011, I would happily just go along in my own little bubble, progressing up the corporate ladder and not really questioning why I always did things the way that I did. I had just embarked on a new part of my journey which was starting a full-time business degree alongside my corporate role. Now that was scary enough and I certainly didn’t need any more change in my life but there were obviously other plans for me.

Little did I know that I would get an opportunity that would take me to completely different places on my journey, literally. There was going to be transformation on a large scale.

I was asked to be a part of a project that would completely transform the business that I was working in but at the same time was delivered a message that this was only a project, not a new role and that my existing role was now at risk of redundancy.

That night I left the office in a bit of a daze. I didn’t know if I was coming or going, to be honest. I was scared in case I lost my job but at the same time worried about being a part of such a transformational project, and one that would completely separate me from my peers and potentially lead to some relationships breaking down.

I was in a complete dilemma.

That night, I spoke with my now ex-husband in-depth about what I should do. He said that he would support me no matter what but it had to be my decision (wise words!)

After a sleepless night, I went into the office and committed to my decision. I would take part in the project knowing that my role was at risk, and I would just take each day as it came. There was so much change going on, I was uncomfortable, I felt scared, and I didn’t know if I could do what I was being asked to do although in hindsight I did I just wasn’t in the right mindset.

Talk about transformation for the business, it was equally a transformation for me.

It’s the people that you surround yourself with that can help you reach new heights Now the project was a huge success and I was right in thinking that there would be some strained relationships along the way as others similarly were not a fan of change, but I didn’t expect the change in me.

Working under new leadership with someone who believed in me, who gave me the opportunity to show up and shine, and working on something that I had never even been involved in before, all helped me to up level.

I was thinking differently, I was communicating at a new level, I was performing at higher levels and I was loving it. Change hadn’t been as scary as I had thought it would be, and the benefits of that change I cannot even list, I literally became a different person.

I used change as an opportunity to grow.

Now, this is just one story of how I have used change to grow but there are many others too (I’ll save those for another time). We’ve all got to keep growing. To keep switching things up, doing things differently, and trying new things.

As I’ve shown in my personal story, growth comes through change and things won’t change unless you do.

If you take the opportunity, if you take the chance and change things up, you will see benefits that you couldn’t even comprehend before.

Change is part and parcel of becoming a better version of you.


What is the biggest change and transformation that you have been through personally and how did it make you feel at the time vs. how you feel about it now? Let me know in the comments below.


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